ERASMUS – the Hungarian way!

July 18, 2020
By: juditcovic

Every year EUROPEA school AM KASZK (Budapest, HU) takes advantage of the ERASMUS+ programme, and applies for quite a number of trainings and study visits abroad. This spring was truly exceptional not only because both their KA101 (School Education Staff Mobility) and KA116 (VET Learner and Staff Mobility) projects got approved but also because they reached 1st and 3rd place on national level! Congratulations! What a great achievement!

In only a few years’ time AM KASZK has managed to build great relationships with a number of Green VET institutions all over Europe (and 90 % of their partners come from EUROPEA!).

Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Serbia, and Spain are the destinations for student mobilities, which would take 2-10 weeks, while staff members will be travelling to Austria, Cyprus, Iceland.  Italy, Ireland, Malta, Norway, Poland, Scotland, Spain, and the UK.

ERASMUS adds to the quality of our education in many ways. More and more colleagues dare to take part in methodology courses in English or German. And as for our students, they are aware that going abroad is a privilege, and they have to perform well to get the chance to improve their professional skills in a foreign environment. What is more, our graduates have the opportunity to get involved in a 6-month training abroad with ERASMUS Pro.” – says Judit Emma Tóth, international coordinator.

Even though, Hungarian National Agency has postponed all journeys to next year due to COVID-19, we are all confident that things will get better and all these great mobilities will be carried out.

Finally, the latest news is that AM KASZK centre is undergoing some changes this summer. It is becoming bigger and, in the future, it will operate with not 4 but 11 schools! Plenty of work for Judit Emma and her international team.

Keep up the good work and good luck, Folks 😊


Acknowledgements: many thanks to Judit Emma (HU) 🙂

Photos: from Judit Emma (HU)

Featured image: Pixabay Free Images




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