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October 8, 2018
By: Elisabeth Hönigsberger

EUROPEA Austria was founded in 1997 and has since worked diligently to provide all kinds of services to its members. It is supported by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, the provincial governments of and agricultural education departments. Representatives of these institutions are also board members of EUROPEA Austria. In EUROPEA Austria almost 70 agricultural schools and colleges in all fields of agriculture (horticulture, viticulture, forestry, agriculture, equine study, home economics etc.), the University of Green Agricultural Pedagogy, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, and the Chamber of Agriculture are members.

EUROPEA Austria board meeting together with principals responsible for student workshops.
The board meetings often take place in the Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism which is located in the 1st district of Vienna.
Will we have sufficient budget? Our treasurer Veronika is still smiling.

In more than 10 mobility projects for teachers and trainers as well as partnership and network projects almost 500 colleagues benefited from European experiences. At the moment the KA1 project PEANUT focuses on English teaching in vocational schools.

The LdV projecct ALIE marked the beginning of a long list of European projects! and promoted “out-of-the-box thinking”!

EUROPEA Austria started the student competitions in the field of forestry (2002 Edelhof) and wine (2006 Krems) and various schools have since then participated in all kinds of competitions.

All tools well maintained? Forestry competition Kirchberg 2016

In addition, the forestry competitions 2012 (St. Andrä), 2016 (Kirchberg) and the wine competition 2015 (Klosterneuburg) were hosted in Austria as well. About 300 Austrian students and teachers showed their competences.

Almost all member schools have been involved in one of the many EUROPEA Austria activities – the network is getting stronger!

In 1998 EUROPEA Austria hold the presidency for the first time (Krems), followed by 2006 (Maria Taferl) and 2018 (Retz). In 2014 (Baden) Austria took over the presidencyfrom Greece.
In 2022 AgrOlympics will be held in Austria.

Preparing for the international dinner during the forestry competition in Kirchberg 2016. What an experience for students and teachers alike!
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