EUROPEA Challenge Cancelled

March 25, 2021
By: juditcovic
Message from the president of EUROPEA Netherlands:
Dear friends,
I sincerely do hope this message finds you well. After constructive deliberation in which all developments have been taken into account, it is with a heavy heart that the board of Europea-Netherlands had to decide to cancel the Agro Challenge 2021. The main reason for this difficult decision is the persistent uncertainty surrounding the pandemic.
At all times, Europea-Netherlands wants to be able to guarantee health for all participants and those involved.
After having moved the Agro Challenge from May to September at earlier stage, any alternative plans are not feasible. In collaboration with extremely passionate educational colleagues and business partners, we have worked towards a unique and safe event within the applicable measures.
We have worked out various scenarios in recent weeks and tested them with organizers, stakeholders and in the educational field. However, no matter how good these plans B and C are, the current reality and the responsibility we have for your and our students leave no other choice.
We have no choice but to look forward to a new and hopefully Covid-free edition in 2022, to be held in Austria. We thank you and everyone involved for your and their efforts. We are confident that the organizing team in Austria will be able to offer the (new) students a challenging program in the coming year.
Take care of yourself my friends, until we meet again!
On behalf of the Europea-Netherlands board and the passionate colleagues in the working group:
Kind regards,
Harrie Meijer, president of EUROPEA Netherlands
Acknowledgements: many thanks to EUROPEA-Netherlands for the information and all the efforts  🙁
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