Lv, May 2015

EUROPEA co-hosting important EU Conference

June 9, 2015
By: Henrik Dethlefsen

EUROPEA’s successfully conducted bi-annual meeting, which took place 11-12 May in Riga, Latvia, contained – among other activities – also a large-scale conference on the future of European vocational education and training (VET). The conference was attended by almost 200 participants from 20 countries, and it was also viewed online by 1701 unique visitors. We bring here an article from one of the conference organizers, Ms Anita Lice of the Latvian Employer’s Confederation.

LV, May 2015


Organizers 2, LV, May 2015

Organizers of the conference. In the center (red tie), Mr. Vitalijs Gavrilovs, president of the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia. To his left, Mr. Andris Spaile, president of EUROPEA-Latvia.


Towards a more Competitive and Sustainable VET

By Anita Lice
Adviser on Education Affairs | Employers’ Confederation of Latvia

The International Conference “Competitive and Sustainable Vocational Education and Training: Achievements and New goals” brought together representatives of Vocational Education and Training (VET) institutions and associations from 20 EU countries, as well as VET policy makers, employers, trade union representatives and also students. It was organised by EUROPEA, the Vocational Education Association of Latvia, the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia and the State Education Centre of Latvia. The Conference was an official event of the Latvian Presidency of the EU Council and took place on 11 May in Riga, Latvia.

The Conference discussed the achievements and good practices implemented in VET so far, as well as policy priorities to be implemented until 2020 to ensure competitive and sustainable VET, i.e. how to ensure that VET is as close as possible to the business needs:

  • Results of the projects and surveys were presented, including information about the factors, which are important for VET attractiveness, presented by CEDEFOP – the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training.
  • An exhibition of posters of successful initiatives in VET was running  in parallel to the conference, and a number of examples of good practices including European cooperation projects and initiatives, were presented.
  • The Conference discussed on which priorities the stakeholders involved in VET should focus in the near future to make VET more competitive, sustainable, attractive and relevant for the labour market and approved the Recommendations which have been submitted to the Latvian Presidency in the EU Council to be taken into account during the Ministerial meeting on VET on 22 June in Riga.

Read the full text of the adopted recommendations (in LV and EN) here.

More information:

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Poster session 2, LV, May 2015

Conference, LV, May 2015

Poster session and active listening.


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