2016 Forestry Kirchberg Participants View From Above

EUROPEA combines all aspects of nature with learning!

April 18, 2019
By: Elisabeth Hönigsberger

EUROPEA is THE key player in the green VET sector on national and European level

EUROPEA has developed over the year into a full-fledged association with 25 member countries in Europe. Not only the membership has been increasing also the number of activities organized for and with EUROPEA members has been constantly growing. Seminars, student championships, partnership and mobility projects – all put the focus on advancing our education and sharing precious moments.

International dinner in the course of the forestry championship 2016 Getting to know your colleagues – AND food… from 20 different countries! Amazing!

All organizations, entities, associations such as EUROPEA undergo various phases in the course of their existence. Now and then it is important to take a harder look at our own procedures and ask ourselves some questions. During the last EUROPEA Seminar in Retz, Austria in October 2018 we tried in various working phases to find answers on: Who are we, what do we or should we do, what how do we do it? What do we stand for?

Team event – the forestry course in Kirchberg 2016

Numerous answers were given, lots of ideas collected and below you can find a first approach of categorizing. EUROPEA members are quite diverse and so were the answers. You find all characteristics of learning as well as all aspects of agriculture – land-based – green education.

by Rudi Weiss

EUROPEA combines all aspects of nature with learning

Aspects of nature:

  • Flora & fauna
  • Land & water
  • Rural & urban
  • Untouched & cultured
  • Human use of nature
  • Production & process & activities & culture

Characteristics of learning

  • Who – for everybody from 12 up;
    by educators & trainers qualified in technical and peda-gogical fields; entrepreneurs skilled in their technical field
  • How – a wide range of didactical approaches; digital & analogue
  • Where – in and outside training institutions, work placements, at home and abroad
  • What – with up-to-date curricula to support human development

During the next EUROPEA seminar in Cluj, Romania we will also focus on these topics and take another scrutinizing look – together!

Opening of the forestry championship Kirchberg 2016
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