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EUROPEA Denmark sends teachers abroad

July 28, 2018
By: Katrin Uurman


EUROPEA Denmark sends teachers abroad


Teachers’ professional development, networking… You Name It!

During the last 3 years, EUROPEA Denmark sent 46 teachers in small groups of 2-3 persons to 10 different EU countries. Each group has a specific purpose for the trip. See examples and the pictures below.

A trip to Iceland: How can you, as a teacher for “landscaping and gardeners “ (a combined high school – VET programme), develop the interaction between theoretical basic subjects (f. ex. science) and practice-oriented subjects (eg plant production and landscaping technics)?

A trip to France: What can we, as a Danish agricultural school, learn by the French way of educating the farmers of the future?

A trip to The Netherlands: How can we improve the use of ECVET in our education at Green Academy Aarhus? So that we can achieve a common understanding of the ECVET system in the green sector and future more internationalisation for both students and teachers. We will also aim to get a better insight and understanding of the Dutch vocational education system VET.

A trip to Ireland: To obtain greater knowledge of farming culture in Ireland.



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