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EUROPEA Denmark still going strong!

February 13, 2021
By: Anders H. Nielsen | juditcovic

New board elected – EUROPEA Denmark still going strong!

Two strong profiles were elected for the board of Europea Denmark on Wednesday 10 February. They took over the seats after Niels Erik Jespersen (Dalum Agricultural College), member since 2013, and Florence Bedoin (Kalo Organic Agricultural College) member since 2017. These two great colleagues had decided to step down for personal reasons. We are very happy that others are ready to take over and continue their great work.

Picture #1: Screnshot, GA, frames on six board members (green), two alternate members (yellow).

The board now consist of:

  • Anders Højlund Nielsen, Bygholm Agricultural College (re-elect. 2021), ahn@bygholm.dk
  • Karolina Sikala, Green Academy (2020, national coordinator), ksi@ju.dk
  • Susanne Joel, Asmildkloster Agricultural College (2020), sjp@asmildkloster.dk
  • NEW: Mie Himmelstrup Vestager, Dalum Agricultural College (2021), mhv@dalumls.dk
  • Charlotte Haahr, Nordjyllands Agricultural College, (2020), ch@njylls.dk
  • NEW: Majbritt Bonefeld Petersen, Graasten Agricultural College (2021)mbp@gl.dk

Two new alternate members were elected as well: Nikolaj M Houkjær (Kalo Organic Agricultural College) and Fintan Keenan (ZBC-Jernbjerggaard).

These eight persons are eager to get to work – Let’s make EUROPEA an even stronger network. Feel free to contact us!

Picture #2: We are smiling !!

Best wishes to everyone – EUROPEA-Denmark!


For more info visit EUROPEA-Denmark Facebook page: HERE.

Acknowledgements: many thanks to Karolina and Anders, and EUROPEA-Denmark 🙂

Photos: from Karolina and Anders

Featured Image: Pixabay Free Images

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