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EUROPEA EC Meeting in Lisbon

February 21, 2018
By: Judit Čović


For Executive Committee by Tone O Mosebø

Preparing the next general assembly of EUROPEA International in France 2nd-7th of April 2018 and continuing our work with a strategic plan were the main topics when the four members of the Executive Committee was gathered from 1st till 3rd of February 2018.

Preparing the next General Assembly

The Executive Committee (EC) is responsible for managing the daily operations within EUROPEA International and is accountable to the General Assembly. Since it is less than two months till General Assembly will take place, much of our meeting naturally was spent on preparing the meeting. This included preparing the agenda, the accounts for 2017 and the budgets for 2018 and 2019 as well as checking out, discussing and summarizing the work on other tasks that the previous GA has asked us to carry out.

Working on recruitment

One of the tasks is to investigate if some new countries would like to join EUROPEA.  We try to get in touch with Iceland, Cyprus, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Croatia. EUROPEA consists of national associations. In order to become a member, the national association must present agricultural and land-based vocational education and training institutions and be open to national members in the sector. The country must be EU-member, EFTA-member or a candidate country to the EU. So far, 25 countries are members, but there is room for more countries to join in.

Some national associations only have a small percentage of the schools in their countries as members. We discussed how we can help these countries with further recruitment. One reason for this is that it is easier to fulfil important aims, for example finding exactly the right partners for school developing projects, job shadowing or student exchange if there are many to choose between.

Strategic plan

A main subject for the EC is to continue the work with the strategic plan for EUROPEA. The topic was shortly discussed during the last bi-annual meeting (in Estonia, September 2017). The national coordinators focused on the nine aims of our organization and came up with a lot of ideas on what our organization can implement to reach these aims.

As we are not able to carry out all activities that came up, the EC suggests focusing on activities that can:

  • strengthen and deepen the network of EUROPEA
  • sharpen our profile to raise awareness of our organization and make us become more visible

In the meeting in France in April, we will find time for further reflection and discussion on the topic, and hopefully choose some activities that will be given priority.


PS: For our members the full minutes of the Executive Committee’s meeting will soon be uploaded in Team Engine.



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