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November 11, 2016
By: Paco Fernandez


The city of Don Benito (Badajoz) has been the venue of the XXIII edition of the annual meeting of EUROPEA – Spain, from 2nd to 4th November.

Almost 50 people, teachers and other training professionals of the “green” sector, coming from different regions of Spain have gathered to exchange knowledge and educative experiences. The programme has been a combination of conferences and cultural visits such as:


  • “Expertemprende”.- A wonderful experience about a program aimed to develop the entrepreneurship among youngsters from their early ages. A former student of the Agricultural School of Don Benito participated in this conference telling his personal experience and how it led him to become a successful entrepreneur.
  • “The quality in the agricultural training”.- Three speeches about procedures and systems to ensure the quality in the “green” training.
  • “Good examples in management of European initiatives”.- Two conferences about international projects and management of European Commission funding. The fist one was about an interesting project framed in a cross-border programme among Spain and Portugal, funded by FEDER. And the second one was based in explanations about another interesting project concerning to Circular Economy.


  • Roman Theatre and Castle of Medellin. Next to the Guadiana River has been discovered, very recently (2007), an awesome Roman theatre in a good conservation status. It is placed on the south hillside of a hill which summit is topped by an Arabic castle of VIII century built on top of the ruins of a former roman fortification. Other roman buildings around the theatre are being discovered in the current archaeological works which are carried on.


  • Ethnographic museum of Don Benito.- In an impressive modernist style manor house, built in XIX century and donated to the municipality by their former proprietors,  descendants of a noble, the Count of Orellana, it has been set  this pretty ethnographic museum full of objects which has been given by the inhabitants of Don Benito and other closed towns.

As an important part of this meeting, EUROPEA – Spain has held the General Assembly in which important issues has been approved like new statutes and the creation of a Consortium formed with many agricultural schools and other “green” training centres aimed to apply for funding for the development of ERASMUS+ projects.

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