EUROPEA in Nantes

December 16, 2015
By: Judit Čović


European Apprentice Forum
Nantes (FR), 6th February 2015

Initiated and organised by Nantes St. Nazaire and Pays de la Loire Chambers of Commerce, the EUROPEAN APPRENTICE FORUM gathered more than 1000 students and teachers of vocational training on 6th February 2015 in Nantes, France.

The venue of this great event was the impressive Cité des Congrès and the forum offered a capturing programme with interesting speeches, round table discussions, workshops and lots of opportunities for networking. Participants had the chance to share experiences on their practical training abroad and chat about the advantages and the hardships of such a venture.

EUROPEA and Green VET were represented by the following educational institutions:

• AOC de Groene Welle Zwolle, NL
• Agricultural School Šumatovac, SR
• Nordwin College, Leeuwarden, NL
• ZBB Saarbrück, GE
• Colegiul Silvic Gurghiu, RO

One of our youngest members, EUROPEA-Serbia (photo) took part in this worthy meeting. They seized the opportunity to make contacts with the teams of France, Spain, Macedonia, Italy, Portugal and the Netherlands. They are hoping to set up common projects with them in the future.

EUROPEA wishes our Serbian colleagues good luck and lots of success!

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Acknowledgements: Many thanks to colleagues from France EUROPEA and EUROPEA Spain, Romania and Serbia – Fred, Paco, Monica, Gioconda, Valentina and Slaviša

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