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January 3, 2019
By: Katrin Uurman | Nicolas Negretti


I hope you all got the wishes from EUROPEA Luxembourg. But who or what is EUROPEA Luxembourg? You saw some faces and names in our wishing card, but that’s not all of it.

But lets start at the beginning…with some shocking news!

Officially EUROPEA Luxembourg does not exist! Because we have only one green VET school in Luxembourg, we cannot have a national association of green schools. We used to have a school intern association who was member of EUROPEA, but we had to dissolve it, since schools are not entitled to do that any longer in Luxembourg. That means that Luxembourg is represented at EUROPEA directly by the Lycée Technique Agricole (LTA) from Ettelbruck. 

If you read some of the History of EUROPEA posts you certainly have stumbled more than once over the name of this school. Actually the LTA was strongly involved in the very beginnings of our network. The first statues were even written in a small conference room just next to the office I’m sitting right now! The commitment of the LTA towards EUROPEA stayed always very strong and will be upheld in the future!

So what kind of school is this Lycée Technique Agricole, which is situated close to the center of the country in the town of Ettelbruck? At the moment we have about 600 students. We have a general education for the young students (7th-9th schoolyear) and our VET curricula in horticulture, environment and forestry, agriculture and mechatronics for agricultural, construction and utilities machines. Very successful is also our new technical curriculum in natural sciences. Feel free to roam our website (in German and French) for more detailed information or watch this small movie for some general impressions.

In the immediate future big changes await the LTA. At the moment we are building a new school in the neighbouring town of Gilsdorf. It is planned that we will move in for september 2020.

We try also too sharpen our profile in changing our name to „Lycée des sciences naturelles et agronomiques“. At the moment it is not yet sure that we will suceed in doing so, but it will be crucial for the further development of our school. Because with the current name most people think it is only an agricultural school, but in reality agricultural students are only about 12% of the students.

Despite all the changes, it is very sure that our commitment to international cooperation will not lessen! So never hesitate to contact us!


Yours in EUROPEA,

Nicolas Negretti
national coordinator

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