Jul 03rd 2016

Water and climate change (2)Europea Slovakia invites to the EUROPEA International Conference from 19th to 22nd of October 2016 in Piestany.

There will be two events running simultaneously:

  1. Europea Conference on topic “Water and Climate Change” (Europea members and candidates)
  2. Floristic Competition “Thanksgiving for Harvest” (Teams formed by 1 teacher and 2 students)

The venue: “The Secondary Agricultural School in Rakovice“ and “The Hotel Academy of L.Winter in Piestany“

The Conference Agenda includes an interesting bunch of:

  • Welcome speeches and lectures about the main topic “Water and Climate Chage“.
  • Examples of good practices by secondary schools across Slovakia
  • Visit to the Secondary Viticultural & Horticultural School and an example of a good practice by local students in Modra
  • Visits to Spa Pieëstany and ELESCO a.s.; a wine producing company
  • Awarding Ceremony & Announcement of winners of the International Floristic Competition
  • Closing ceremony dinner in The Hotel Academy of L.Winter in Piestany

Accommodation is arranged in Hotel Park Piestany ( ), walking distance from conference venues.

PiestanyThere will be a shuttle service organized from Bratislava and Vienna airports to the hotel.

Cost of first member from each country is covered by organisers, other members will be charged 150 €

Link to Europea Conference Registration Form:

Participation at the Floristic Competition is free of charges for all attendants (1 teacher + 2 students).

Floristic competitionLink to International Floristic Competition Registration Form:

Registrations deadline: Friday, September 16th, 2016.

Any question, please email to

Europea Slovakia Team is looking forward meeting you in Piestany.