Water And Climate Change


July 3, 2016
By: Paco Fernandez

Water and climate change (2)Europea Slovakia invites to the EUROPEA International Conference from 19th to 22nd of October 2016 in Piestany.

There will be two events running simultaneously:

  1. Europea Conference on topic “Water and Climate Change” (Europea members and candidates)
  2. Floristic Competition “Thanksgiving for Harvest” (Teams formed by 1 teacher and 2 students)

The venue: “The Secondary Agricultural School in Rakovice“ and “The Hotel Academy of L.Winter in Piestany“

The Conference Agenda includes an interesting bunch of:

  • Welcome speeches and lectures about the main topic “Water and Climate Chage“.
  • Examples of good practices by secondary schools across Slovakia
  • Visit to the Secondary Viticultural & Horticultural School and an example of a good practice by local students in Modra
  • Visits to Spa Pieëstany and ELESCO a.s.; a wine producing company
  • Awarding Ceremony & Announcement of winners of the International Floristic Competition
  • Closing ceremony dinner in The Hotel Academy of L.Winter in Piestany

Accommodation is arranged in Hotel Park Piestany ( http://www.hotelpark.sk/ ), walking distance from conference venues.

PiestanyThere will be a shuttle service organized from Bratislava and Vienna airports to the hotel.

Cost of first member from each country is covered by organisers, other members will be charged 150 €

Link to Europea Conference Registration Form: https://goo.gl/C34jHg

Participation at the Floristic Competition is free of charges for all attendants (1 teacher + 2 students).

Floristic competitionLink to International Floristic Competition Registration Form: https://goo.gl/9G13qs

Registrations deadline: Friday, September 16th, 2016.

Any question, please email to europeasvk@gmail.com.

Europea Slovakia Team is looking forward meeting you in Piestany.

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