EUROPEA-Spain Congress in Navarra
Feb 18th 2018

46 people coming from several schools in different regions (9) of Spain have attended the EUROPEA-Spain Congress in the beautiful cities of Villava and Olite in Navarra.

During three intense days (7th – 9th February) the participants have had the opportunity to discuss and learn about:

Discussion themes:

  • Vocational Education and Training in Agriculture and Food sectors in Navarra.
  • Implementation and development of Common Agrarian Policy (CAP) in Navarra.
  • Innovation in the “Green” sector as an instrument for sustainability.
  • DUAL System in VET in Navarra.
  • Training for VET teachers in innovative educational methodologies.
  • INTIA’s Projects funded or co-funded by EC
  • AGROGESTOR platform. Digital advising for farmers in Navarra
  • Introduction of AN Group. A holding of 140 cooperatives and more than 23.000 farmers associated.
  • Training for the integration of young people to agrarian sector in Navarra.
  • Agriculture Entrepreneurial Campus (training for farmers) in Catalonia.
  • ERASMUS+ Projects presentations:
    • ALEE (A learning experience in Europe) KA1 Mobility
    • ANNIE (Aquaponics) KA2
    • LOASA (Learning Outcomes in Accordance with the Skills Agenda) KA2
    • SMART RURAL (Incorporation of New Technologies in Rural Areas) KA2

Technical visits:

  • Visit to JAUREGÍA a familiar dairy bio farm located in the central point of The Batzán Valley. Maybe one of the most astonish and wonderful natural landscape all-around of Europe.
  • Visit to the Navarra Wine Designation of Origin.
  • Visit to a paltry meet factory of AN Group.

Cultural visit:

  • Visit to Pamplona city, very well know all around the wold because of its Bulls Race Festivities “Sanfermines” and because it was inspiration for Ernest Hemingway’s novel entitled “Fiesta” 1926.