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EUROPEA – strong and sharp

April 15, 2018
By: Judit Čović

From 2-7 April 2018 the EUROPEA Spring Seminar was held in Normandy and curiously enough, it was organised by two of our member states: France and United Kingdom! With approximately 100 participants from 21 countries it was yet another great meeting with lots of information and nice experiences to take home, this time in the topic of Agroecology.

However, spring seminars would bring us not only the joy of getting together but also the challenging work that would make our association functioning smoothly and professionally. Therefore, we gathered again for the National Coordinators Meeting and the General Assembly, both held on Friday, 6 April 2018 – the last day of the seminar.

The Agenda included the compulsory reports from the Executive Committee and the Editorial Group, and also, the presentation on the financial status and the budget of EUROPEA. Furthermore, a preview for the autumn seminar in Austria was given with a truly packed programme embracing several events and venues. Following the presidency of the EU, hosts of the EUROPEA seminars were appointed for 2019. According to that, next year we will meet in Romania and Finland.

Concerning the Strategic Plan of EUROPEA, the GA decided to focus on the activities that would strengthen and deepen our network and sharpen our profile to raise awareness of our organization and make us more visible. In order to achieve these aims, it is vital for us to stimulate training and exchange of students, teachers and staff, to facilitate intercultural exchanges and to encourage student competitions.

Following the last idea, the highlights of the meeting for all of us teachers and Green VET lovers was certainly the presentation of our Portuguese colleagues about the 3rd AGROLYMPICS, which is scheduled for this September. We are all delighted that our students will come together and compete again in sunny Porto with the assistance and sponsorship of AGROS, a milk producing company that has already helped the organisation of AGROLYMPICS-Portugal twice.

In 2019 we will also celebrate the 20th anniversary of the EUROPEA Charter of Agricultural Education and Training. The Charter describes the principles of our vocational training, the functions and characteristics of the green training institutions. After 20 years it is necessary to analyse new challenges and review the Charter in order to be able to sign a revised Charter in 2019.


More info, all reports, documents and presentations are available on TeamEngine.

Acknowledgements: many thanks to Tone (NO) and Elisabeth (AT), picture from Pedro (PT) 😊


Judit Čović (HU), leader of EUROPEA Editorial Group

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