Exchange Between Netherlands and Myanmar on Hold

March 6, 2021
By: Jan-Willem Noom | juditcovic

Strengthening Agricultural Education and Training for Food Security

Firstly: A 4-year project concerns strengthening of 14 State Agricultural Institutes (ATVET schools) by providing hands-on support with curriculum review, teacher development and ICT needs, which will involve ample technical, subject matter expertise transfer and information exchange between the Netherlands and Myanmar. This aims at tailoring the curricula of the schools more to specific agricultural conditions of the regions they are situated in. Further, the project ensures that the SAI curricula are better attuned to labour market needs: concrete job profiles and actual job needs.

Secondly: In a second project the consortium aims to develop and implement the Agricultural Teacher Training Unit (ATTU) at Yezin Agricultural University  leading to sustainable increase of capabilities of teaching and management staff to use and manage modern gender sensitive, inclusive, competence based and labour market driven education. Both in-service training and preservice training will be included.

Thirdly: Aeres is active in the region, Vietnam, in capacity building of educational institutes and training institutes.

Current situation in Myanmar:

Due to the instability and uncertainty in Myanmar, the careful execution of our project activities is under pressure.  Since COVID19 we have adapted, and we have been able to carry out much of the work online on both the Dutch and Myanmar side. The current situation in Myanmar makes both communication and working online increasingly difficult. The Civil Disobedience Movement is strong and many people take part in this movement.

We have decided to put all group activities on hold for this month.  As soon as the situation has become sufficiently stable, and effective communication is possible again, we want to resume our group activities.


Text by Arie de Jong, project coordinator

Acknowledgements: Many thanks to EUROPEA-Netherlands, Arie and Jan-Willem 🙂

Featured image and video: from Arie (NL)

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