Students gain experience
Oct 17th 2021

Photographed by Vít Trnavský

Our students of 4th class attended the Secondary Vocational School of Agriculture and Rural Services in the Tokaj Wine Region, in the village Viničky for a week.

These students and teachers were shown, toured and involved in running of several wineries, such as Tokaj & Co, Chateau GRAND BARI, Víno Ostrožovič and took part in the tasting of their products.

Photographed by Peter Ševčík

Two students from our school spent one week in family winery Carpate diem as a compulsory internship to obtain more experiences from viticulture, wine production and wine sales.

Photographed by Ing. Monika Kisová

Three students from our school would spend two weeks in Austrian secondary school LFS  in Eisenstadt and would get to know with the local educational system and also get some practical skills at the hosting school. The cooperation was confirmed by school principals Mrs. Eva Ackerl and Mrs. Monika Kisová.

Photographed by Ing. Monika Kisová

The Secondary Vocational Winery and Fruit Growing School also participated at Bratislavské Župné dni at Nivy centre in Bratislava. The main aim was to present the school and to convince the young promising elementary school students that our secondary school would provide them a great opportunity and education in the winery sphere.


Article: Ing. Alžbeta Benková
Photos: Vít Trnavský, Peter Ševčík, Ing. Monika Kisová
EUROPEA Slovakia