Experimental potato cultivation in Romania

October 24, 2021
By: Tünde Krizsán | Katrin Uurman

The LTA” Tamási Áron” Bors school is located in Romania, close to the Hungarian border.

Agricultural vocational education has been operating at the school for more than ten years.  This year, our school created an experimental potato plot in a joint project with an Oradea company.

Photographed by Tünde Krizsán


We planted three varieties of French potatoes, which examined under irrigated and non-irrigated conditions. Since springtime (even during holidays), students cared for the potato plants. The cultivation period finished last week while students harvested self-grown yield.

Photographed by Tünde Krizsán


The local farmers market is also a community place for the residents. Therefore, we took our potato crop and sold it, getting some support for the school. All of our customers also received a raffle coupon, which was a great success. It was a great day! We received a lot of positive feedback. We hope to be able to participate in something similar in the next year too. We are open to everything.

Photographed by Tünde Krizsán


Article and photos: Tünde Krizsán (RO)

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