Farmers education in Denmark
Jul 15th 2018

Farmers education in Denmark? – A delicious sandwich!

Green VET (agriculture, horticulture, forestry) in Denmark builds on a long tradition for mixing school periods with a considerable amount of work-based learning. A farmer student will enroll in the age of 16-17. It takes two years to graduate as “Farmer assistant”. However, most students continue to the level of “Skilled farmer” within three years and six to eleven months. This comprises a total of 14-19 months of school-based learning and 28 months of work-based learning. On top of “Skilled farmer”, the students can continue at school one semester and graduate as “Production managers”. After this, they can add one more school year and graduate as “Agro economist”.

“Knowing how” + “knowing why” + “knowing yourself” = Strong base for future farmers.