Federal Home Economics Award

October 20, 2015
By: Judit Čović

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News from Austria

Home economics might not be very fashionable these days any more. However, we strongly believe that it is equally important as other – more favoured – fields of green sciences, and should be definitely dealt with in the years to come. There is a straightforward connection between food waste, the problem of obesity, waste management, energy saving and household economics (see also our previous article A Zero Waste Story, 17 August 2015 ).

In this context we are happy to receive information from EUROPEA-Austria about a competition called Federal Home Economics Award, which will be organised at the Agricultural School Althofen, Carinthia in November this year. The motto of the event is “Home economics is a dynamic, sustainable and resilient profession”. The jury will be assessing the professional skills of the contestants as well as their social competences by observing how a team works together. Curiously, the teams will be mixed ones; the competitors have not met before and will be put in a unit on the day of the competition.

Hereby we are sharing more details on this interesting event wishing good luck and great fun to all participants 🙂

Federal Home Economics Award

The aim is to offer an attractive setting in which to present the household profession and its specialized education. The participants of the contest must be able to prove their individual home economics skills in front of the public at large as well as in a subject-specific forum. For the purpose of a skills-orientated and sustainable home economics education students should fulfil the tasks while showing:

  • specified aspects of economic questioning and
  • responsibility for a context of lasting regional development

Students will be assigned joint tasks, which will develop and enhance their teamwork and action-oriented skills on a personal and social level.

In the competition the participants will be asked to solve a skills and learning field orientated assignment as a state-wide team. The assignment includes overall operation, home economics skills, and social and personal expertise – all based on the competence model. The assignment will be the basis for the assessment focusing on nutrition, kitchen management and service, commodities management, and calculation.

The theory-praxis-transfer corresponds to the link between theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge with particular consideration being given to:

  • regionality
  • creativity
  • management abilities
  • capacity for teamwork

Process and product assessment in:

  • Choice of menu, purchase, calculation
  • Work flow planning
  • Preparation, food arrangement
  • “The set table”, guest care, service

Self and external assessment in:
social responsibility, communication, cooperation, conflict management, leadership, appropriate appearance, self-responsibility, work attitude

Event location and date:
Date: 11th – 12th of November 2015 at the Agricultural School Althofen, Carinthia.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Many thanks to Maria Innerwinkler, Elisabeth Hönigsberger and EUROPEA-Austria 🙂

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