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First Year For Ladies Inter-Colleges Camogie Competition

January 21, 2024
By: Gerd Alscher

Each year Ireland’s agricultural and horticultural colleges battle it out in various competitions. On the sporting field, native Irish sports gaelic football (a game played with a big ball) and hurling (a game with sticks and a small ball) are always keenly contested.

A big news story is that for the first time this year, there was enough ladies for a ladies hurling competition (this sport is called camogie in Ireland). This is super progress.

Out of seven participating colleges in 2023/2024, Kildalton College came through in both male football and hurling which was a great achievement. A ladies gaelic football competition is also in place which involves combining some colleges together.

Well done to all players and organisers.

More information on gaelic sports:

Gaelic football



(Text and pics – Camogie, Hurling, Gaelic Football ompiled by Joe Day, Teagasc Kildalton College and James Maher, Teagasc CDSU)Bild1 Irl Bild3 Irl Bild2 Irl

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