Foundation of EUROPEA Polska

August 3, 2018
By: Katrin Uurman

A short glimpse into 2005…

Foundation of EUROPEA Polska

15 – 16 December 2005 at the CDR in Brwinów took place the seminar “EUROPEA POLSKA”.
The aim of the seminar was to provide participants with information about the EUROPEA. Mr. Karl Friewald from EUROPEA Austria presented opportunities for membership in it and explained how to create EUROPEA POLSKA as an organization that which could apply for membership in EUROPEA.

During the seminar, the participants decided to create an association called “Association of Agricultural and Forest Education EUROPEA Poland” based in Brwinów. During the meeting, the statute and management were passed.

More than 30 participants of the seminar entered the list of founders.


Wiesława Gąsiorowska

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