From Romania to Denmark
Oct 02nd 2019

Last week we had the pleasure to have the very first International Guest Teacher at Green Academy.

We invited Victor  Dumitrache of WorldSkills in Romania, where he is the Program Director. During two days he held workshops for teachers and students. The main topic of his visit was “How participation in different competitions increases student competencies”?

From his visit, both students and teachers learned a lot. We hope to encourage more students to participate in future competitions. The exchange of good practices is essential in order to improve the way of facilitating student’s participation in different competences.

And, what has Victor learned and what actions will he take from his visit to Green Academy?

“Following this visit, WorldSkills Romania will take the following actions:

  • Sharing the knowledge about Danish dual VET system and the business model of the didactic farm with the VET (exp. Agricultural) schools from its network
  • Integrate elements of the Danish skills competitions model in the Romanian skills competitions.” – he said.

Green Academy and WorldSkills Romania will start a collaboration in the future. The exchange of students and teachers is the next step we are taking.


Acknowledgements: many thanks to EUROPEA-Denmark and Karolina (DK) 🙂

Photos: from Karolina (DK) 🙂