Gardens of Stend

May 17, 2019
By: juditcovic | Tone Mosebø

This news entry is coming to you from our youngest EUROPEAns, the first year students of Stend Vidaregåande Skule, Bergen, Norway:

‘In the 1700s, there were many big, beautiful gardens all over the country. One of those, was at Stend. It was one of Norway’s most beautiful gardens and it was well known. But eventually, it became too expensive to maintain and it was removed. In 2011, a project to restore a piece of the garden began. First, they needed to map out where the flowers and other plants used to be using a ground-penetrating radar. Then they started to plant and restore the garden. Today, the garden is finished, and we have a small piece of the original garden.”

Acknowledgements: many thanks to Tone and her students of the Animal Care Course !! 🙂 !!

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