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GIS in Green Education

October 13, 2019
By: juditcovic | Karin Elferink

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) play an increasingly important role in various sectors. Think about:
× Determination of fertilizer application based on aerial photos
× Works of art (bridges, etc.) are checked by drones
× Tree checks are carried out by using tablets
× Inventories of flora and fauna are recorded with GIS, so data can be easily retrieved
× Forestry machines are increasingly equipped with GPS, for example compact soil can be limited

These are just a few examples of applications that we see more often. New applications are being invented almost daily in which GIS plays a role. It has therefore become important to teach our students, how to work with then. And so, there is more attention for GIS in our education nowadays.

Some examples of how we do that in our education in the Netherlands:
× We use ArcGIS online as the portal for the student where geographical information can be found
× We offer lessons digitally by using interactive storymaps
× We develop trainings and specific assignments
× We use of various GIS applications for inventorying, surveying, gathering, processing and presenting information.

Be ready for the future challenges!


Acknowledgements: many thanks to EUROPEA-Netherlands and Karin (NL) 🙂

Photo: from Karin (NL) 🙂

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