Great trip to Switzerland from Denmark

10 Head of Educations from 8 Danish agricultural schools were inspired after a visit to the Fondation Rurale Interjurassienne, where Olivier Giradin had planned a fantastic day with focus on the educational system in Switzerland and presentation of food culture and sustainability. Following, Raphael Gaillard hosted a great day in the beautiful Valais where we visited the Ecole d´agriculture du Valais – Châteauneuf. It turned into a presentation of food culture, poultry- and cattle production, and especially an introduction to the phenomenon of “fighting cows”. What a beautiful country, and the wine, the cheese and the chocolate – oh my….

The trip was a great inspiration for all of us, and we would like to send our gratitude to Europea International for helping us plan this trip. We hope that our friends from Switzerland will visit the Danish agricultural schools –  we would love to repay your great hospitality.

(Thanks to Charlotte )


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