Green VET Summer in Hungary
Aug 22nd 2021

From Hungary

Have you ever wondered what Green VET teachers and students usually do during the summer? Go to the beach, travel for holidays? Well, they might as well do that too, yes. However, one thing is for sure: they all have to take their share of the compulsory summer practical training. That means lots of them are working during the summer months but that is how a vocation is ought to be taught and learnt, right?

In Hungary agricultural summer practice for EQF 4 students concerns the 10 and 11 graders, while juniors and seniors can enjoy a full holiday. The training lasts for 4 weeks and can be completed either on school farms or with partner companies. Photos come from the farm of EUROPEA member Vácimező, a school of KMASZC Training Centre, Budapest. The farm itself is some 30 km from the Hungarian capital and has recently received new machinery.

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Acknowledgements: many thanks to EUROPEA-Hungary, Judit, Tamás and Péter 🙂

Photos: from Péter (HU)