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Growing experiences at Bulduri Horticultural School

March 12, 2022
By: Līva Purmale | Katrin Uurman

Bulduri Horticultural School is one of the oldest gardening schools in Europe with a 110 year – old history. Since 1910 when the school was founded it has grown, transformed and developed.

During last few months our students have been involved in various activities. In December we all wanted to thank the medical staff who has been working hard during the Covid situation. Event was created that brought together local entrepreneurs, our students, deputies from Jurmala council and one of the leading restaurant chefs- Lauris Aleksejevs. This team in Bulduri Horticultural school cocked special apple pies and delivered them together with other treats and surprises to four medical institutions in Jurmala.

In February three students from Department of Horticulture finished and defended their first “Student’s research work” in Plant Biotechnology laboratories. All students worked on topics related to plant micropropagation.

Erasmus activities due to Covid situation have been slower during last few months but since 14th of February four graduates from Bulduri Horticulture school started three-month internship in one of the biggest plant growing and wholesaling company in the Netherlands. The stay is supported by Erasmus+ project “European taste and smell 2” (2020-1-LV01-KA102-077203).

At the beginning of March four students from full-time and part-time Arborists groups participated in the internship in France in Chateau de Villete park. The following works were completed: transplanting and planting of trees and shrubs, pruning of new trees in the alley, tree care of adult trees using climbing stuff, shaping of individual trees (heading back), chipping of branches and other landscaping work. Special thanks to Elena Kosheleva, Daiga Strele, Uldis Snikis and our hosts Alphabet PTS.

At the moment five students and one teacher are visiting Belgium. As part from Erasmus+ project “Europe’s natural treasures in the past and future” (2020-1-AT01-KA229-078094-6). Students are getting to know Belgian blue stone and orchard care.

We hope next months will bring us more interesting projects and event!



Written by Līva Purmale

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