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Hungary is taking the ECVET route!

October 13, 2020
By: juditcovic | Judit Emma Tóth

From 1st September 2020 Hungary introduces a big change in the system of VET education. Since 2009 we have learnt a great deal about the ECVET system within ERASMUS, and we all know how important it is.

In Hungary, many schools used this system already when organising international programs for their students and teachers. Now, in Hungary all professions have been translated to the “ECVET language”. From school-year 2020/2021 on learning outcomes needed for a successful graduation are included in all curricula of the VET education. Using learning outcomes for organizing quality mobilities will be much easier and the practical experience abroad will totally fit into the curricula of the students.

Hungarian law about VET education (2019) legitimizes international practices by the following regulation: “If it matches the goals of professional education, the vocational training is also available abroad, in case it does not exceed the quarter of the whole duration of the vocational education”.

Before the 2019 law, validation of mobilities mostly depended on the flexibility of directors and company leaders. Schools needed long discussions with the labour market actors to create quality programs, which would serve the interests of all stakeholders.

So now, the many new possibilities guaranteed by this law will definitely help the internationalization of Hungarian VET schools, which is very good news !












Acknowledgements: many thanks to Judit Emma Tóth (HU) 🙂

Photos: from Judit Emma Tóth (HU) – Hungarian students during their practical placements in Portugal, Luxembourg, Denmark and Finland

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