Impact Prize Green Education 2020
Nov 14th 2020

Good practices from The Netherlands

During their studies, students and pupils are already working on the social challenges of the green sector. Groenpact gives these great initiatives and projects a podium every year with the Impact Prize for Green Education.

The Impact Prize is for innovative projects, research and startups that have an impact in one way or another on food, climate and / or quality of life. All innovative initiatives (large and small) that show how important our sector is, have a chance.

There are four categories:

vmbo green (prevocational education, 12 – 16 years old)
mbo green (VET, 16 year and up)
higher green education
university green education

For more info visit Groenpact website HERE



Acknowledgements: many thanks to EUROPEA-Netherlands and Karin (NL) 🙂

Featured image: Groenpact logo (from Karin)

Photo: Pixabay Free Images