In spring, 155 500 forest plants will be planted at Luua Forestry School (EE)
Apr 28th 2021

When birds start to sing in the spring, chainsaws and forest machines will be sent to Luua Forestry School (EE) for spring holidays. Students, teachers, seasonal workers and some school volunteers are taking steps on forest sites to build a new generation of forests.

This year, we will plant a total of 155 500 new trees in the Luua and Tihemetsa forest districts – mostly pines and spruces, but also birches and alder. While in general the plants are from RMK‘s nurseries, 38 000 spruce seedlings are planted on the lands of the Tihemetsa forest district. Forestry School attaches great importance to teaching the skills needed for the entire forest life cycle, which is why all the ground preparation has been done by its students and staff, and together with the planting work, it is an important part of the students’ practical skills.

A total of 62 hectares of forest culture will be established at Luua Forestry School.

Acknowledgements: many thanks to EUROPEA Estonia, Kairit Prits 🙂

Photos: from Kairit Prits (EE)