Increasing interest for international internships among Swedish students
Jan 11th 2023

All Swedish students at upper secondary schools, studying the Natural Resource Use Programme, are supposed to do 15 weeks of internship during their three years of education. Internships are one of the learning activities that support students in learning and preparing them for a professional career. The possibility to do part of the internships abroad are attracting an increasing amount of students each year, in all different areas of the green sector. 

By doing international internship, students get the knowledge about what is happening in the world of work as well as gaining a better understanding of different cultures and ideas. Simply a great way of preparing for a sustainable future! 

This week we want to share some pictures with you from Swedish students, at Önnestadsgymnasiet, doing their internship in Spain and in Iceland.



Information and photos: Önnestadsgymnasiet and Karolina Ekberg, Klevland reklambyrå.