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“Industrial Internet of Things VET Network”

March 6, 2021
By: Ilze Brante | juditcovic

Information from Vocational Education Association of Latvia (PIB):


IIoTNET“Industrial Internet of Things VET Network”

In the autumn of 2019, PIB got involved in a two year-long project within ERASMUS+ KA3 – Support for Policy Reform Networks and Partnerships of Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers. The project aims to create a VET Network with a certification scheme for professionals who are IIoT developers or users or sales workers; the project also plans to train them to adapt and adopt a new common framework of best practices of the modern IIoT know-how.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) radically transforms contemporary industry, but unlocking its significant value is turning out to be challenging and cumbersome. The emergence of the new technology is creating new skills gaps, shortages and mismatches, especially for micro companies and SMEs, which are in inferior position compared to large enterprises in manufacturing sector to attract and retain the scarce digital talents. For this reason, IIoTNET project aims to tackle these challenges combining effectively the knowledge and fundamental principles from various areas of expertise of cutting-edge technologies in the IIoT sector and gain a competitive advantage in their carrier path.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • To strengthen the cooperation among VET providing partners in the IIoTNet.
  • To design and develop specialized social media network for management and operation of IIoTNet.
  • To develop a system for organizational analysis of VET providers.
  • To ensure evaluation of IIoT trainees’ progress against IIoT Body of Knowledge.
  • To develop IIoT Certification scheme.
  • To develop and disseminate Guidelines for mobility, lifelong learning and EU funding in the field of IIoT.
  • To organise 1-day training in each partner country of VET providers’ representatives.

Up until February, 2021, the partners have worked hard on a package of methodological documents to support the process of establishing IIoTNet. This package includes a number of documents (for example, a survey, a transnational report, Terms of Reference for IIoTNet, LogFrame etc.). Now, the work continues with the development of the Body of Knowledge, the certification scheme, and the remaining work packages.

For more information visit the IIoTNet website or click to their Facebook page. 


Acknowledgements: Many thanks to EUROPEA-Latvia and Ilze 🙂

Photo: from Ilze (LV)

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