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Innovative ideas from The Netherlands

September 9, 2019
By: Karin Elferink | juditcovic

Young professionals with vision: Wellant students show innovative ideas for a sustainable food system

New ways of working in agriculture, animal husbandry and fishing are needed to ensure that our planet is also viable in the future. Methods that do not deplete raw materials, maintain or improve the quality of the living environment, and be economically viable at the same time.

Essay challenge

Students from agricultural VET and HE institutes from the Netherlands were challenged to write an essay about possible solutions for a sustainable food system. The essays were covering one of four themes:

  • Sustainable protein transition,
  • Sustainable crop protection,
  • Sustainable animal husbandry,
  • New earnings models for sustainable agriculture.

25% of the essays have been written by students from Wellantcollege, covering a wide range of topics. From the development of fruits that can grow on salty soil, to the production of protein powders from seaweed. And from a sustainable pig farm to a higher and sustainable yield thanks to vertical farming.

The essays have been presented to the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality as a source of inspiration. The collected ideas may also be interesting to discuss in class. What are the pros and cons of the innovative ideas? Do your students have any other ideas?

The essay collection is available online via Some essays are in Dutch and may require Google Translate, some essays are in English.


Acknowledgments: many thanks to Karin (NL), WellantCollege and EUROPEA-Netherlands 🙂

Photos: Pixabay Free Images. Many thanks!

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