International Equine lesson unit at Vonk in Alkmaar (former Clusius College)

In October we had the pleasure to receive 9 students from Norway, Sweden and Finland to join our international Equine lesson unit created within the Erasmus KA2 project Amoove21. For 2 weeks, our guests worked together with our Dutch students and learned how to drive a horse on public roads, breeding Dutch sport horses and about the Frisian horse. Our guests joined our students at their internship at local training companies and went to see different stables during excursions. The teachers and the steering group are finalizing this KA2 project at Axxell in Finland this week. I cannot be prouder of all the colleagues, students and local organizations who were involved in Amoove21. Beautiful friendships and connections have been formed which might last a lifetime!

For more info, check . This page will be updated in the following months to share information and outputs with you.

(Marina van Staveren, Vonk)


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