Kalo Students on ERASMUS Mission
Jan 10th 2020

This entry comes to you from Kalo Organic School in Denmark and our teacher colleague, Florence:

“Through Erasmus + program, last year I had 5 students on internship abroad. They have been to Iceland, Spain, Norway and France.

Learning and working abroad is a great experience, reflecting about own culture and learning both language, culture and practical competences.

The students have been writing blogs and you can discover their blogs here:

Rikke was working on a dairy farm in Iceland: https://www.theglobeexperience.com/post/dairy-farm-diary-may

Emilia was employed in a vegetable production in Norway: https://www.facebook.com/Min-praktik-i-Norge-251721202371054/

Laura was in Spain on a farm with vegetable production and horses (mainly): https://quackandquirks.blogspot.com/

Kirstine was in France in a market garden: https://lheurebleuekirstinefrida.wordpress.com/

And Emma was in Norway in farm with people with special needs and many kind of farm animals: https://www.facebook.com/Emmabonven/


Many of the text are in Danish but you can enjoy the beautiful pictures!”


Acknowledgements: many thanks to Florence (DK) 🙂

Pics: Pixabay Free Images