Learning outside the classroom

June 16, 2023
By: Gerd Alscher

thurs1 thurs2 thurs3Agriculture is a rapidly developing sector. In particular, the modernization of machines and equipment is becoming more and more important every year. Our school – Liceul Tehnologic Agroindustrial „Tamasi Aron” Bors, Romania – also tries to keep up with this, so whenever we have the opportunity, we take our students to as many exhibitions and company visits as possible.

This is how it happened that we recently visited the AGROMASHExpo in Budapest (Hungary), which is the largest agricultural expo in Central Europe, and Cluj (Romania), which is also an international agricultural exhibition and fair held in the open air.

Both the students (and we, the teachers) were able to see a lot of new things and spent very meaningful days.

It was also an interesting experience to visit a 60 ha blueberry plantation. The owner originally worked in the IT sector, but a few years ago he decided to orient in this direction and wants to create something lasting outdoors, in nature.

(Text and pics by Krizsan Tünde)

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