EUROPEA Denmark, EUROPEA Danmark
Established 1996

Founded as a voluntary association in 1996, EUROPEA Denmark encompass 19 schools and colleges, which offer green vocational programs from EQF level 2 to 5. Further, the Danish Agriculture and Food Council as well as the Association of Danish Agricultural Colleges are members of EUROPEA Denmark. Headed by a board of at least five members, EUROPEA Denmark plays an active role as a facilitator of cross-border cooperation in regards to international projects, competitions and similar activities. On the national level, EUROPEA Denmark strives for deepened cooperation between the member schools in order to make the best out of limited resources in a world that calls for international opportunities and competence.

Over the years, EUROPEA Denmark has been a partner in mutual projects such as ALIE, ANGIE and ALIVE. At present, we offer Danish VET teachers the opportunity of going abroad for one week for study purposes, a program, which involves a numbers of national EUROPEA associations abroad.

EUROPEA International Logo

EUROPEA – Europe de l’Enseignement Agronomique AISBL

Centre Technique Horticole

Chemin de Sibérie 4

B-5030 Gembloux

Official Registration Number: 450983484