Feb 19th 2017 by Katrin Uurman

Malta College for Arts, Science & Technology- Centre for Agriculture, Aquatics & Animal Sciences
Kullegg Malti ghall-Arti, Xjenza u Teknologija- Centru tal-Agrikoltura, Akkwatika u Xjenzi tal-Annimali
Established 2001

As Malta’s principal agriculture education institution, the Centre provides training in horticulture, animal care and management as well as fish management.

The horticulture courses prepare students for careers in the management and care of nurseries, garden design, landscaping and cash crops.

In the animal care programmes, one can gain experience in the care and management of domestic, exotic and farm animals.

The fish management training options target the skills required in aquaculture, fisheries and other related subjects.

The students benefit from practical experiences in laboratories, in cultivated fields and in professionally equipped sheds where different animals are kept. Most courses also include work placements with local companies operating within this sector. Research is also an important component of the students’ studies especially at EQF Level 6 levels.

Horizon 2020 Twinning project-  FOWARIM- Fostering Water-Agriculture Research and Innovation in Malta (