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Milestone: first teachers ‘Services & Products’ receive Bachelor’s degree

June 5, 2021
By: Jan-Willem Noom | juditcovic

It’s a party for the first group of students of the teacher training course ‘Services and Products’ (S&P) at Aeres University of Applied Sciences Wageningen!

Last week they received their Bachelor’s degree and teaching qualification for the pre-vocational profile S&P. This is a national first. We are proud of our students and our teacher training team. In the Netherlands there are ten different profiles in pre-vocational education (secondary education for pupils between 12-16 years old): Economy and entrepreneurship (EE), Hospitality, bakery and recreation (HBR), Care and welfare (CW), Green (GR), Services and products (S&P), Building, living and interior (BLI), Production, installation and energy (PIE), Mobility and Transport (MT), Media, design and ICT (MDI) and Maritime and technology (MT). S&P is quite a new profile, with a broad and strong focus on marketing, events, organization and new technologies. Sometimes there could be a link with the Green sector and Green educational courses.

Tailor-made training

The group of students already took the final exams before, but could now finally receive the diploma after the corona measures were eased. The students, who work at pre-vocational schools throughout the country, followed a shortened tailor-made training program, adapted to the knowledge and skills they already had before they started the training.

From continuing education to Bachelor

Until now, teachers obtained their S&P qualification for the relatively new pre-vocational profile S&P by attending refresher courses. Aeres University of Applied Sciences Wageningen offers students a full Bachelor’s program in tailor-made courses. This gives students with different backgrounds a great and feasible opportunity to train to become a S&P teacher.

By Jan-Willem Noom


Acknowledgements: many thanks to EUROPEA-Netherlands and Jan 🙂

Photo: from Jan 🙂

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