Mini-forestry machines at Luua Forestry School

October 4, 2020
By: Kairit Prits | Katrin Uurman

From this academic year, in Luua Forestry School, in addition to operating large forest machines, it is also possible to try your hand at smaller machines, which are especially suitable for maintenance felling. Smaller machines are lighter, more economical and have less impact on the ground. However, young men and women learning to drive a machine can make even better use of forest management knowledge – the choice of trees is very important, the growing forest must not be damaged and the purpose of the forest owner must be taken into account very carefully.

Luua Forestry School is the only school in Estonia where it is possible to learn forest machine control – great emphasis is placed on forestry knowledge and machine handling skills. As smaller machines become more popular due to their low cost and alternative options, new skills will give drivers new prospects in the job market. In addition, in the future, forest owners will be able to hire a practitioner who has already honed their skills on machines intended for maintenance felling, being sure that the work to be done is purposeful and effective.


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