Multicultural Interchanges

May 4, 2016
By: Judit Čović

29th April 2016, Vác, Hungary

Since its foundation EUROPEA School FM KASZK Vácimező (Hungary) has had very successful cooperation with SZIE Gödollő, one of the most prominent agricultural universities in the country. On one hand, the best and most dedicated Vácimező students are regularly accepted to SZIE courses, and on the other hand, SZIE Teacher Training Department directs its undergraduates to this secondary Green VET school in order to do their teaching practice.

What is more, recently the two organisations joined their forces within LdV projects, such as ALIVE (2008-2010) or ANGIE 2.0 (2012-2014), and currently their professionals work together on the tasks of the SAGITER Project (2013-2016).


Last week, accompanied by Prof. István Fehér, a big group of international SZIE students stopped at the town of Vác, and paid a visit to the Vácimező School. They came from 15 different countries of the world; Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, Italy, Belgium, the Philippines and many others.

SZIE students were on a one-day trip visiting places of interest: cultural, educational and business sights striving to learn more about the region and its potentials. The tour took them to famous landmarks as well as small family enterprises, and they ended the excursion in a wine cellar up in the nearby Börzsöny Mountains tasting a traditional Hungarian drink: the famous “pálinka”.

Photo: Judit Covic (HU)

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