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January 26, 2019
By: juditcovic | Fons Logtenberg

2018, the jubilee year is long over, but our campaign will stay on! We will deliver you more thoughts and feelings about the past and present of EUROPEA – the network of European agricultural and land-based training centres.

This time we bring you the memories of Fons Logtenberg (LU – the country of the month !!). He was there at the very beginnings and he has stayed with EUROPEA ever since.

“25 years is a long time, but I keep these years in good memory.

I had my first contact with EUROPEA as a student in 1991 at the Symbolic Departure of The Steeple Run in Luxembourg. In that year I could not imagine that I would stay with EUROPEA till nowadays!

My second meeting was in 1992. Our friend Guiseppe Murolo (ꝉ – RIP) had the wonderful idea to invite 4 students per country to assist as members of the “Green Pioneers” at the GA of EUROPEA in Locorotondo, Italy. This trip had a bad start as the luggage from the 7 participants from Luxembourg got stolen in Paris, wherefrom we took our flight to Bari. In Locorotondo the French teacher Manuela helped us to buy new clothes so that we could dress up properly during the conference. During the GA in Locorotondo in 2014, I met friends, whom I got to know 25 years earlier at the same place! This was a tremendous experience for me.

My third meeting was again as a student at the famous meeting in Erstein, France, in May 1992, where some 2000 agriculture students from all European countries met during a week. As an adult person I became a member of EUROPEA Luxembourg and I had the chance to assist in many more meetings. I always met nice persons, learned about interesting projects, discovered foreign traditions and took home nice souvenirs.

During these last 25 years, I truly realized that “There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t yet met” … !!”

Many thanks, Fons and see you around 🙂


Photos: Fons with Nicolas (LU) and Georges (LU) in Malta, France and Luxembourg

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