”Nature and Wilderness”
Oct 08th 2020

The local game management association and the primary school of Ähtäri cooperate with SEDU Ähtäri Forestry Education unit.

On Thursday 1st of October 14 pupils, who had elected  an  1 term free-choice course ”Nature and wilderness” visited in the school forest of SEDU Ähtäri. The pupils are 10 – 12 years of age.

Mrs. Anne Pahankala the coordinator of the game management association was introducing the pupils and their teacher the features of game management of  Finland while they visited a crop field for wildlife feeding and a hunting tower. Mrs. Pahankala told that the pupils were very curious and enthused of the theme and they asked a lof of questions about nature, the animals and the management.The pupils learned to make a sausage stick and at the end of the visit they had an opportunity to barbecue sausages by a campfire.

During this ”Nature and Wilderness”–course the pupils learn  to build bird-houses of their own, to identify the tracks and traces of animals as well to recognise sounds of wild animals. GPS-dog radars, hunting-dog tests, different hunting-dog races, principals of eco-shooting are topics  to be introduced during  this course. In Finland the moose hunting starts in October and continues until the end of December.  After a successful moose hunting event of a local hunting team, the pupils will  follow the meat cutting of a slaughtered animal in a hunting shed.


Acknowledgements: many thanks to EUROPEA-Finland and Pirkko (FI) 🙂

Photos: from Pirkko (FI)