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News from Green VET School “Sveti Trifun”

March 3, 2020
By: Valentina Milosevic | juditcovic

News from Green VET School “Sveti Trifun“, Aleksandrovac, Serbia

Entrepreneurship fair: Entrepreneurial spirit of the Secondary school “Sveti Trifun” with hall of residence students becomes more and more important and represents one of the  long term key aims of our education. Students of final years of educational profiles Agricultural technician, Food processing technician, Winegrower-winemaker present their original ideas and innovations through acquired knowledge about foundation and successful management of companies, business plans making and acquiring of specific business skills during the Entrepreneurship fair, which is organized every year in May.

Food processing workshop: The aim of food processing workshop of Secondary school “Sveti Trifun” with hall of residence is to present the work of food processing industry to the students. Apart from theoretical knowledge about characteristics of the certain products, and compliance with technical operations and calculations, through practice students perform processing, technical procedures of production , fruit and vegetables packaging , different ways of preserving, quality control and storage of final products which are consumed in our hall of residence.

Agricultural exhibition: Agricultural exhibitions in Serbia date back to XIX century. They were organized by agricultural organizations, merchants and municipal authorities, and their aim was to present agricultural achievements during the one-year period. We feel so proud to cherish this tradition. Within economic-tourist manifestation “Zupska Berba” Secondary school “Sveti Trifun” with hall of residence traditionally opens agricultural exhibition, where students in collaboration with their teachers from agricultural and food processing subjects present the best products and drinks from our region. Exhibition is opened during the four days of manifestation. Tourists from the region and from the neighbouring countries visit this exhibition.





Acknowledgements: many thanks to EUROPEA-Serbia and Valentina (SR) 🙂

Photos: from Valentina (SR)

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