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News from Pruske, SK (1)

August 26, 2019
By: juditcovic

The Secondary Vocational School in Pruske is a school with a 70-year tradition, housed in a 16th-century renaissance chateau with adjacent new buildings, and a large area with a historic park in the village centre.

It prepares specialists in the fields of agriculture, food, realization of agricultural production, rural development, landscaping, protection and creation of the environment, specialists from the field of cynology, forestry, horticulture and makes use of knowledge from business activities from other areas of social life. The school actively prepares and implements projects within Slovakia and the EU (Erasmus +, Charter and European Partnership FLORNET, FLORCERT), where not only students but also teachers for mobility internships are posted.

The Secondary School in Pruske actively participates in national as well as international competitions within its study and teaching fields. During this school year we did not miss the following events: In the middle of September, our two students took part the 25th annual international competition in Piešťany called Viktoria Regia. The overall theme was a symphony in flowers and a total of three categories were prepared for them, where we placed in 13th and 16th place. In October, our confectioners showed their skills at the nineth year of the most beautiful cake competiotion of Slovakia in Púchov, where originality, creativity, precision, using of modern elements, suitable taste and colour, overall impression, cleanliness, hygiene principles and presentation were evaluated. The cakes were evaluated by a professional certified commission according to the WACS guidelines. Our school was represented by the student of the first year Barbora Bajzíkova and her beautiful cake by autumn inspiration, for which she won a bronze medal. On November 9, we did not miss the fourth year of the non-traditional exhibition FUNERAL Trenčín, which takes place every second year, where we introduced ourselves by creating futuristic mourning works.

In the second week of Advent, the 9th annual flower binding and flower arranging competition took place in Košice and it was very successful for our students. Dominika Janeková, a student of the II.Z class, won the first place in the category “Christmas Candlestick“, while in the category “Advent wreath” she placed 2nd and at the same time she won the 3rd place in the overall ranking. Štefan Gaţo, also a student of the II.Z class, won the 3rd place in the category “Christmas Candlestick” and overall he placed on 7th place. 24 contestants from six Slovak schools and two foreign (Hungary and Romania) took part in this competition.

During December, the Cynology Club Excel in Trencin organized a “Christmas race” in dog training, which was attended by the students of our schools. The best of them was the student from IV. M. class Vanesa Dvorská, who won the BH / VT category under strong international competition according to the international trial code. Our school participates every year in the traditional “Malinovský Valentín” competition, and this year’s was the 11th year of the competition. Our students reached the top places in each category and ranked first and second.

More to follow 🙂


Acknowledgements: many thanks to Mária (SK) and Henrieta (SK) 🙂

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