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Nordwin College is now Aeres

September 12, 2021
By: Jan-Willem Noom | juditcovic

Education organization puts ‘everything on green’!

Nordwin College will now continue under the name Aeres. In 2020, Nordwin College and Aeres merged and cooperated to form a single agricultural training center. The organization now continues under one name, with a clear choice for green.

By merging, Aeres and Nordwin College have formed one strong education and knowledge organization for the green sector since mid-2020, with a focus on Agro, Food and Living Environment. In the past year, work has been done on the integration of both organizations. This process has been completed and both organizations formed one AOC by means of an institutional merger.

Name change

At the administrative merger in 2020, Aeres and Nordwin College already expressed the ambition to continue under one name after the formation of one educational training centre and in this way to express the common commitment to green. In practice, this means that from now on the Nordwin College locations will have a new name and a new logo.

Both inside and outside Friesland, Aeres continues to serve pupils and students with high-quality education, in the safe learning environment they are used to. In addition, we are working hard on educational innovation and further strengthening of quality with combined power and efforts.

Size and regional distribution Aeres

Aeres is a green education and knowledge organization that offers education at almost all levels in the provinces Gelderland, Utrecht, Flevoland and Friesland: practical education, pre-vocational secondary education, secondary vovational education, bachelors and masters. In addition, the organization provides training courses, applied research and mediates skilled personnel within the green sector.

The organization serves approximately 15,000 pupils and students and 15,000 trainees. Since the merger with Nordwin College, the total organization has more than 1900 employees who work spread over 24 locations.

Due to the distinctive combination of different educational levels, research activities and close ties with the business community, Aeres continuously gathers and develops current knowledge that is directly used in education. Pupils, students and course participants benefit from this.

By Jan-Willem Noom / Aeres Groep



Acknowledgements: many thanks to EUROPEA-Netherlands and Jan-Willem 🙂

Pics: from Jan-Willem (NL)

Featured image: Pixabay Free Images

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