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Old and Beautiful

July 19, 2015
By: Judit Čović

Passionately in Love with Old Machinery

Come to Vácrátót, one of the charming little villages in northern Hungary, and you will find real treasure hidden in the backyard of Mr Pál Lukács: a unique collection of old agricultural machinery.

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His passion for veteran tractors and old machines started about 10 years ago when – to the utter surprise and astonishment of his wife and kids – he brought home a worn-out and dysfunctional Porsche tractor. It took him two years to fix it, make it work and look brand new again. There has been no stopping from then on.

Nowadays his yard is crowded with wonderful oldies: Hofherr-Schrantz, Dutra, and Zetor tractors, IFA-Framo trucks and Barkas vans (the emblematic transporters of the socialist era) as well as other rare peculiarities: antique threshing machines, horse-drawn ploughs, old straw-cutters and choppers – all of them in absolutely perfect condition.


What is more, Mr Lukács has gathered other enthusiasts, people who share his hobby, and for the past few years they have travelled around showcasing their unrivaled collection in lots of towns and villages in Hungary and the neighbouring countries. “The aim, Mr Lukács says, is to revive a long forgotten world and make it possible for young generations to have a glimpse into the past and the history of agriculture.”

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Every spring in the month of May Mr Lukács and his friends would take their beloved machines to the nearby village of Sződ and put them on display at the regional AgroFair; an annual event organized by EUROPEA school FM KASZK Vácimező. This would give the chance to the students and to all visitors to see and also to drive these charming vintage vehicles.

Source: nol.hu/mozaik

Photos : Boglárka Gendúr, Károly Kovacsik, István Bárány, Judit Čović (HU)

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