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Farmers’ Afternoon at Olustvere

December 1, 2019
By: Katrin Uurman

Wednesday, November 20th was an extraordinary school day for agricultural students at Olustvere School of Service and Rural Economics (EE)!

The day began with a warm welcome and a recount of future agricultural workers and farmers (present students). More than 300 agricultural students participated in the line-up. After, warm-up exercises started, led by Riho Kala, the head of the study farm. Next, different competitions like measuring the land, weighing the bag, determining the weight of the animal, throwing straw bales, digging a hole, hauling rope, hauling a tractor followed.

Moreover, it was possible to observe presentations of six-month company traineeships made by students of the agricultural worker specialty course. The event was completed by fourth-year students with sporty-musical performance.

Check Olustvere Farmer’s Afertnoon’s photos HERE.

It was a powerful start to the new Agrolympics season! 🙂

Next, 5th Agrolympics will be held at Olustvere and Särevere, Estonia in 17.-20. September 2020.


Source: https://www.olustvere.edu.ee/et/uudised/pollumajanduse-eriala-olustvere-moodi

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