Once upon a time…

January 14, 2023
By: Nicolas Negretti | juditcovic

In a small meeting room next to the office, I occupied just a couple of years ago something big happened some 30 years ago. VET teachers and headmasters from all over Europe were discussing and setting up statues for a European network of agricultural VET schools, EUROPEA (l’EUROPE de l’enseignement Agricole).

Who were these “pioneers of the green knowledge” how they sometimes called themselves? How did they meet and work together, despite all the language problems, financial restrictions and other adverse factors?

Let’s discover the actors of the early days of our network, hear their stories and learn what moved them to build the largest and most potent network in VET. They inspire us to continue their legacy and remind us, that we should define our goals through visions and not restrictions. That we should be daring, not managing. That our green VET schools can be so much more than just places of knowledge transfer.During those 30 years, EUROPEA impacted the life of thousands of students and trainers. In their name, I want to thank the early actors of EUROPEA. We will honor them in hearing their stories and continue the journey they initiated.

Yours in EUROPEA,

Nicolas Negretti, Secretary General of EUROPEA




Acknowledgements: many thanks to Nicolas (LU) and all the founders of EUROPEA 🙂

Photos: from the History of EUROPEA archives of the Editorial Group

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