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Our visit to Easton Campus – Vos a SZeS Benesov Agriculture Apprentices

July 8, 2019
By: Charlie Askew | Katrin Uurman

Our 14 days long visit started with being shown our accommodation and a tour of the area. In these 14 days we have learned to give cows a halter and lead them. So we also learned to sit (turnover) sheep and also lead them (for showing). Charlie took us to his family farm, were he had 3000 turkeys, 16 stabled cows and 12 cows out on a meadow that could not be modified due to waterlogging.

At the Royal Norfolk Show we have seen various examples of working with animals and various types of mechanisation. The first thing we saw was a show of horses, show jumping, performing horses, performing cows, sample pigs and sheeps.

Furthermore, there where various types of mechanisation from tractors through soil cultivation to harvesting.

We liked visit in England very much, we were well treated, they had good food here, beautiful surroundings and monuments.

We would like to thank Charlie, that we could spend practical training here.

Thank you so much Charlie,

Milan, Tyna, John, George, Jinna


Photo from Pixabay

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